Looking for an online tool to automate your work of translating the Android Strings.xml XML file? Look no further, We have developed an Android XML Translate Excel Model using Google Sheets to help you translate the Strings.xml files for free.

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Android XML Translate

All that you have to do is simply copy-paste all the XML code in the Google Sheet file that you can easily make a copy of, for your own personal use.

Link to the Google sheet model is provided at the end of this blog.

Android XML Translate Tool

android xml translate

To use the Android XML translate tool, which is a Google Sheet model, remember these seven things:

  1. This is a ‘View Only’ Google sheet model. It’s available for view only you can’t make any changes to this Sheet. Go to File -> Make a Copy, to create a copy of this Model for yourself in your Google Drive. Please don’t send any Edit requests.
  2. Once you’ve made a copy of this tool, Type the XML code in the first column starting from the fourth row.
  3. You should make edits to only green background colored cells. In case if anything breaks the model and it’s not able to produce the translation, Make a copy of this model again.
  4. The sheet will automatically translate up to 1000 strings. Use Ctrl + D to drag the formula down in case you happen to have more than 1000 strings to change.
  5. Use Ctrl + R to drag the formula across the column. This will be useful in case you have more than 4 languages to change.
  6. The Model already provides support for Spanish ‘es’, German ‘de’, French ‘fr’, and Korean ‘ko’ language.
  7. You can add a new language by adding a new language code in the third row of a column and simply copy-paste the formula from any other column.


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