Android Color Picker Example | Build from Scratch

Build your own Android Color Picker using few lines of code in Android Studio. In this blog we will be sharing the code from an app with color picker functionality.

Android Thread Sleep Tutorial | Pause your Code using Threading

In this blog about Thread in Android Example, you’ll learn about how to set up a thread in android other than the main thread to continue another process.

Convert Website to Mobile App Free in 5 mins

In this blog, you’ll learn How to Convert Website to Mobile App Free. For this, you must have Android Studio installed on your PC or Mac.

Android IntentService Example | Building WhatsApp Background Service

In this tutorial about Android IntentService example is taken from a well know messaging app Whatsapp in which IntentService is used to help its user stick around with app and stay connect with their friends.

Using Android SoundPool Build your Own Android Piano App

Using Android SoundPool build such apps that use Android media library class that handles short music tones on pressing of a button or object. In this tutorial learn how to build your own musical instrument on your Android device like, be it Piano, Violin or Xylophone.

Android ViewPager Fragment Example | Implement Unlimited Fragments

In the Android anyone can create fragments which are views on an activity with different behavior which can be used to build a multi-pane User interface. In this blog on Android ViewPager Fragment Example you’ll see Android ViewPager Fragment Example in which we will create fragments on activity.

How to Check Internet Connection in Android Programmatically

How to Check Internet Connection in Android Programmatically, prevent your app from crashing if the user isn’t connected to the internet.

Android ImageView Animation | 8 Different Styles

By implementing Android ImageView Animation into your app, you can easily create…

Android Button Animation Top 8 Styles you can apply in Android Studio

Android Button Animation is a great way to provide a better user experience to your app users. In this blog learn about different types of animation styles you can apply to your Android buttons widget.

Android Calendar View Example using Cosmo Calendar Library

In this blog about Android Calendar View Example, learn how to implement the Cosmo Android Calendar Library in Android project and build a calendar app.