Android Barcode Scanner Library | Top 11 Curated List

In this blog, we will be sharing a list of 11 such great android barcode scanning libraries that you can easily implement in your Gradle dependencies and build barcode scanning feature.

Android QR Code Scanner Library | Top 7 Curated List

Android QR Code Scanner Library can be a great help for developers building a QR code scanning app for Android. It can help you easily implement the QR Code scanning feature without writing much code.

Activity life cycle in Android | Illustrated using FlowChart

Activity life cycle in Android is an important concept in Android App Development that can help developers execute the right code as the activity visibility changes.

Android Image Button with Text Example | Java & Kotlin

Android Image Button with Text Example in both Java and Kotlin. In this blog learn how to create an Image Button with text in Android Studio using XML code.

Switch Case in Android Studio for Java and Kotlin

Switch case in Android Studio can be used to create multiple possible outcomes for a given variable. This variable can be a Primitive data type i.e, Integer, bit, short or char or even a String Class. But it can not be a boolean.

Android App Update Notification | Check & Notify User About App Update

Android App Update Notification are necessary as most of them fix a current bug or maybe developers might have introduced an awesome feature for users.

Android ScrollView Example | Scrolling Widgets – Vertically or Horizontally

The Android ScrollView is an important widget in Android Studio that can help you arrange all other widgets in a layout when they can’t fit in the visible area of the screen.

Android Color Picker Example | Build from Scratch

Build your own Android Color Picker using few lines of code in Android Studio. In this blog we will be sharing the code from an app with color picker functionality.

Android Thread Sleep Tutorial | Pause your Code using Threading

In this blog about Thread in Android Example, you’ll learn about how to set up a thread in android other than the main thread to continue another process.

Android Best Practices from Experienced Developers | Top 18 Curated List

Android Best Practices is quite crucial for app developers to follow. App development is quite an intimidating task. App crashes and Bugs can give you nightmares and make your app extremely slow and buggy.