Android Emulator for Windows 10 OS can be of great help to you. Especially if your intent is to build an Android app or play an android game or run some apps on your Windows machine.

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What basically is an Android Emulator?

Android Emulator is a software that enables your Windows machine (host machine) behave like an Android Machine (Guest machine). So basically you are able to run an Android OS in your Windows OS. For this you need to install an emulator which is a software that creates a virtual environment for Android to run in it.

There are many Android emulators available in the online world. However, here we have list some great Android Emulator for Windows 10 PC, Laptop or even Tablet that you can use easily.

The android emulator will be a software that will use some memory and storage space of your Windows 10 PC to create a virtual environment for Android OS to run

What Android OS will run?

An emulator can basically run all Android Operating system from Android Eclairs to Android Q, however some emulator are custom made which can run only few specific Android operating system. In the following list we have given all details with reviews about all android emulators. (With conclusion in the end.)

Here is a list of 22 Android Emulator for Windows 10 operating system.

MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu Android Emulator developed by Microvirt is an amazing free emulator that can easily run multiple instances of Android Operating system at once.

memu android emulator for windows 10

The emulator comes with a custom ROM, Android Jellybean (Android 4.4), Android Lollipop (Android 5) and Android Nougat (Android 7.1.2 ). So you can easily create an emulator with any of these Android Operating System and can run them even simultaneously. Beware as this could also drain your system memory.

The MEmu Emulator allows you to create a virtual Android Tablet or Mobile Phone as per your choice.

You can easily link your Desktop folders with Memu folders and can use it as external storage to save pictures or videos from your Android emulator to your PC.

The MEmu Emulator comes with some great features like smooth control, play games using keyboard or mouse, Screen Recording, screenshot capture etc.

MEmu emulator comes with Google Play store pre-installed so in just a matter of seconds, after signing up you get access to all apps in the Google Play Store and can play games, apps, music, video or read ebooks.

The MEmu Emulator on Android Lollipop (with 2GB Virtual RAM and 720p resolution) ran quite smoothly on a 4GB Windows 10 PC. It did take a minute to launch but after signing up we played PUBG and performance was good.

We also installed some debug apps using Android Studio and didn’t faced any ADB related issues. Also the performance here also was smooth.

We highly recommend you to try MEmu Emulator today.

Download for Windows 10: MEmu Android Emulator (FREE)

LDPlayer Android Emulator

LDPlayer Android Emulator built by Xuanzhi International company is free to download Android emulator for Windows 10. It can be used to play Android Apps and test, build and run Android debug Apps from Android Studio.

ldplayer emulator for windows 10
ldplayer emulator for windows 10

Unlike MEmu player, the LDPlayer is based only on Android 5.1.1 which means it can you can’t run any other later or previous version of Android in it.

Which means you can only create Android 5.1.1 based mobile phone or tablet in it. The company though claims that emulator can run high performance and high quality graphic games on your PC but we did faced some lags with resolution above 720p.

Inside the LDPlayer android emulator, you get LDPlayer android store and Google Play store pre-installed. Also, you can have a rooted version of android installed so you can easily tweak the performance of the emulator and get some extra performance.

Just like the MEmu Player, the LDPlayer android emulator also comes with some extra features like screen recording, screenshots, shake the phone, vpn, etc.

We recommend trying LDPlayer today.

Downlaod for Windows 10: LDPlayer Android Emulator (FREE)

BlueStacks Android Emulator

BlueStacks Android Emulator (version 4.x) is built by developers at Bluestacks system inc. It is a free to download Android emulator that allows users to play game on their Windows 10 machine.

bluestacks android emulator for windows 10
Bluestacks android emulator

The Bluestacks android emulator claims to be the fastest mobile gaming emulator available online. Unlike the LDPlayer we discussed earlier, the Bluestacks emulator is based on Android Nougat 7.1.2. Which brings great features and better better security for you.

The Bluestacks emulator comes with Hyper-G Graphics which is an advanced version of Hypertext transfer protocol, promising great performance. Also the Artificial intelligence resource management helps to deliver smooth performance.

Bluestacks supports multi-instance and multi-account which means at the same time you can run more than one virtual android 7.1.2 device.

However, Bluestacks has its own level of customization done on Android 7.1.2, so if you want to experience pure android to test and build apps, we would recommend that you must go with MEmu android emulator.

More than 350 Million people use Bluestacks for playing games, what are you waiting for.

Download for Windows 10: Bluestacks Android Emulator (FREE)

Remix OS Player

Remis OS Player designed by Jide Inc. is free to download Android Emulator which is a great option to Play android Games on a Windows 10 PC.

Remix OS Emulator
Remix OS Android Emulator

The Remis OS Android emulator is based on Android 6.0 i.e, Android Marshmallow. However, the Remis OS Android emulator does not coems with Multiple instances, which means you can’t have multiple android virtual devices at one time.

Also because Remix OS is highly customized, the emulator isn’t a good fit if you happen to build any Android App and test it.

The Remis OS Android emulator comes with Android Studio technology, promising high-end performance. The Remix OS can also, however, can be a good replacement of Windows 10 if you don’t use much Windows Apps.

In our test, the Remix OS did played heavy games like PUBG and Clash of Clans smoothly, download the android emulator for Windows 10 from link here (FREE)

Nox App Player

Running the Android Nougat , NOXPlayer is a custom Android Emulator for Windows 10 designed for keep gaming nerds to play Android Games on their Desktop.

NOX Android Emulator
NOX Android Emulator

NOXPlayer is a Windows optimized Android Emulator which means it can play android games and android apps without any glitch. It does delivers smooth performance while playing games liek PUBG and freefire.

However being the Android Nogaut in NOX Player being customized isn’t suitable for Android Developers who want to build and test their apps. We recomment using LDPlayer or MEmu android emulators for Windows 10 for Developers.

You can download the NOXPlayer for Windows 10 for Free from link here.

GenyMotion Android Emulator

If you are a hardcore Android Developer who is looking for testing your apps on different Android devices. GenyMotion Android Emulator is the answer.

Genymotion Android Emulator
Genymotion Android Emulator

Unlike most of the emulators we have discussed here, GenyMotion Android Emulator for WIndows 10, comes with great amount of customizations for Android Devices.

Which means you can test your app by creating any virtual Android device with a varied configuration.

With GenyMotion Android Emulator you can easily create a virtual Android device with latest OS Android Pie or the oldest one as well.

GenyMotion Emulator also allows for various RAM memory related configuration that will allow you to create virtual devices and test your app on low end and high and devices as well.

However, GenyMotion has one drawback that it might slow down your system. This is something what happened when we had Android Studio and GenyMotion both opened on a 8 GB Memory Device.

Download GenyMotion Android Emulator for Windows 10 from link here (FREE)

GenyMotion also has another product i.e, GenyMotion Cloud. GenyMotion Cloud is a cloud based Android Emulator running on a SaaS model which is a paid cloud android emulator that lets you build multiple android devices in the cloud and test your app on multiple devices.

For more information on GenyMotion Cloud, see here.

Alternatively, you can see some more Top 10 Online based Android Emulators here.

KoPlayer Android Emulator

Designed by KoPlayer Inc, KoPlayer Android Emulator is a free for Windows 10 PC emulator that you can use to easily run all your android apps and android games.

Its runs on a x86 architecture, making it memory efficient. It also supports some advance features like OpenGL & hardware acceeration.

The KoPlayer Android Emulator for Windows 10 has some for windows optimized features like multiple instances, video recording, screenshots, etc.

KoPLayer comes built with Google Play Store inbuilt.

We would recommend it for Android Gamers who would like to play games on their Windows 10 System. However The KoPLayer emulator did lagged while playing heavy games like PUBG and Clash of Clans.

For Android Developers, this isn’t the right option.

You can download KoPlayer for free from link here.

Tencent Android Emulator

Build by Chinese Tech Giant Tencent, Tencent Android Emulator is a Windows 10 customized Android Emulator.

Tencent Android Emulator
Tencent Android Emulator

Tencent Android Emulator was build for gamers who want to play Android Games on Windows PC.

The Tencent Emulator ran smoothly on a 8 GB Windows PC with almost no lags and we played some heavy android games in it like: PUBG, Zingo Speed, Clash of Kings.

We would highly recommend Tencent Emulator to Android Gamers for its awesome performance and speed.

However Android Developers can try other emulators like Genymotion, MEmu or LDPlayer.

You can download the Tencent Android Emulator for free from link here.

Bliss OS

Bliss OS isn’t a standalone android emulator rather its an Android customized version for Windows PC.

Bliss OS Emulator
Bliss OS Android Emulator

To use Bliss OS, you’ll first have to install a virtual machine like Virtual Box, create a custom device in it and then install the iso file to create your own Android Emulator.

Bliss is a compilation of fully operational Android Version that can run on a computer. We would recommend Bliss to anyone who would like to play some lite games and run productivity Android Apps on Windows PC.

Alternatively you can also Boot your PC and remove Windows 10 completely and run Bliss OS.

However, The Bliss is still under development and may have some bugs. Please make sure you don’t use it as a daily driver. The version of Android in Bliss OS is rooted by default you can tweak some features in the OS as well.

You can try and download Bliss OS from link here.


The Prime OS (built by Floydwiz Technologies Private, India) isn’t a standalone Android Emulator and you’ll have to install a virtual machine to run this Custom Android OS on your PC.

Prime OS Emulator
Prime OS Android Emulator

Unlike Bliss OS, the Prime OS is stable and provides desktop experience on PC and access to all Android Apps for Free.

The PrimeOS runs on x86 a.k.a. 32 bit architecture and yo ucan use it to run Android Productivity and Games apps as well.

Being a stable version, we would recommend Prime OS to anyone who wants to experience the desktop version of Android for free and run productivity and game apps.

You can download Prime OS from link here.

Phoenix OS

Developed by a Chinese company, Phoenix OS is a great Android emulator cum OS that you can boot even as a sideload OS with Windows OS.

Just like Prime and the Bliss OS, Phoenix OS too requires a virtual box to create a virtual device so it can run on it.

The OS runs on a x86 32 bit architecture, making it a great option for people who wanna run productivity apps on to their Windows PC.

Though we won’t recomment it as a great option to look at for Android Developers, but Gaming geeks can explore this emulator and play some Android games like Candy Crush and Farmville, etc.

You can Download Phoenix OS from link here.

LeapDroid Android Emulator

Running Android Icecream Sandwich, quite an old but still a good one, LeapDroid Android Emulator for Windows 10 is a great option. The emulator runs on a x86 32bit architecture.

With minimal level of customizations you get to experience pure android Sandwich. It seems to be a great option for developers creating apps for older versions of Android.

However we did faced some good amount of glitches while playing heavy games in it. You can’t install PUBG in it.

But its minimal memory usage makes it a good option for people who want to run Android Productivity apps on to their Windows machine with low memory.

Also, you do not need to install any other software to run it, unlike Phoenix, Prime or Bliss.

LeapDroid Android Emulator is available on, Link here.

AMIDuOS Pro Android Emulator

Unlike LeapDriod and Phoenix OS, AMIDuOS Pro is a revolutionary Android EMulator that runs on a 64 bit architecture (32 bit version also available).

AMIDuOS comes with Android 5.1.1 pure android experience, which means there is no customization made by the maker. It comes preloaded with Amazon App Store.

On the performance end, it supports 3D acceleration which provides gread android gaming experience to its users. The AMIDuOS Android Emulator comes with Windows OpenGL drivers for improved frame rates which improves smootheness.

We would recommend AMIDuOS to Android Gamers who like playing Android Games on their Windows 10 machine and Android Developers who want to build Android Apps.

However it is a Paid Android Emulator.

AMIDuOS is available at 30 Days Free Trial at link here.

RaspBerry OS

If you happen to own a Raspberry Pi 3 or any other later version, you can install and build your own Android Emulator. First you need to download the Android OS (Android 7 Nogaut) from link here. Then downlaod a software for writing disk images to storage, Etcher.

Simple then plug the storage into your Raspberry Device and boot it. It will take around 2 to 3 mins and Voila, you have your own personal Android Physical Emulator.

With 2+ GB of RAM and a dedicated memory card, you can plug in the device to your TV or your system and pla yamazing Android games at an amazing speed.

Also the Raspberry device can act as a tester for Android Developers, specially for those who are planning to build apps for Android TV.

You can also download and try Lineage OS 15.1 (Android Pie) for Raspberry Pie, Download link here.

Andy Android Emulator

Andy is another Android Emulator worth mentioning in our list. It has all features what an Android Mobile device or a tablet basically have.

It runs on Android 5.1.1 i.e, Android Lollipop pure experience and provides great level of customization.

With ARM Support and ability to run x86 native apps, you can easily Android Productivity apps and build and test apps from Android Studio.

For Android Gamers this emulator isn’t much recommended though because of speed issues at times but it’s stil lworth the try.

You can download the Andy Android Emulator from link here.

Virtual Box or VMWare

Virtual Box or VMWare is an app that helps in making a virtual device on to your Windows 10 System.

Virtual Box Emulator
Virtual Box Android Emulator

You can download then from link here: Virtualbox or VMware.

These Virtualization apps allow you to use design and build your own custom Android device and flash any OS (including Android OS we provided in link above) iso file.

This is a great option for both Android developers and Android Gamers who can build a custom device as per their choice and requirement and harness the complete potential of their Windows 10 PC.

Android Virtual Device

Android Virtual Device (AVD) comes with android Software development Kit (SDK) used commonly by developers. Its an Android Emulator build specifically to build and test Android Apps.

You can use AVD Android Emulator to run and test apps, however, it’s not recommended for Android Gamers. It can be a bit laggy at times so even developers can switch to other options provided in our blog.

You can download Android SDK from link here.


Just like the AVD Android Emulator, the Xamarin Android Emulator is commonly used by Android Developers. Its designed by Xamarin inc, owned by Microsoft.

Being a standalone app, the Xamarin doesn’t need any other virtual machine to install. You can use it to test your Android Apps, irrespective whatever IDE you use, be it Android Studio or Visual Studio.

The Xamari nAndroid Emulator isn’t recommended for Games though, you can look at other options in this blog.

You can download Xamarin Emulator for Android from link here.

Droid4X Android Emulator

Droid4X is full Android Experience on Windows PC app. Its free to download and use Android Emulator for Windows 10.

With some advance features like screen recording, screenshot and sync features, the Droid4X is a great android emulator for Android Gamers and Android Developers.

Build and test apps or Play heavy games, it works smoothly on Droid4X Android Emulator.

You can download Droid4X from link here.


YouWave is a free and a paid Android Emulator for Windows 10 PC. The Android 4.0.4, Android Icecream Sandwich version is available for free whereas Android 5.1.1 Android Lolipop i available at a one time price of $29.99 only.

The free version comes with Ads and is also a little buggy. YouWave is a must-try app for Android Developers who would like to test their app on previous version of Android with low memory and performance.

Yo ucan download YouWave from link here. is an online Android Emulator for Android Developers who would like to test their app without downloading any third party software.

Being an Online Android Emulator, the speed and performance both are bit slow but recommended for testing apps on low end devices. allows to create 1 free emulator but any more would cost money. You can see more setails about pricing here.


Just like the, RunThatApp allows you to stream android apps in browser.

RunThatApp can be used by Android Developers to not only test apps but also to create interactive app video for sharing on a social media platform like Youtube.

The RunThatApp is a paid service at $0.05 per minute. To know more about RunThatApp Android Emulator, see here.

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